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HITEC is THE industry event for technology trends, best practices and solutions.

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A dynamic education program featuring 50+ sessions
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What Others Have Said About HITEC

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From brands ranging from the new to the established, we were treated to an exciting showcase that underscored the appetite and urgency for the hospitality industry to digitalize to keep up with demand. Anthony Chow
The education sessions were of excellent quality, providing valuable insights and knowledge. A great mix of subjects that are today’s trends (#generativeai #cloudcomputing, #contactless, #web3 … ) with discussion about practical use cases and problem solving. Well done and good luck for all the brave and inspiring startups in the #E20X! Leonel Domingues
CTO & Co-Founder — Nonius
HITEC takes some of the best thought leadership and technology solutions and makes them available to anyone interested in learning and embracing growth and excellence. The broad and deep knowledge and network of experts gained from the exposure to HITEC has helped inform and shape our strategies, product roadmaps and execution plans, as well as enhance the quality of solutions/experiences we offer our customers and associates. Ummara Marshall
Global Sr. Director, POS/F&B Tech — Marriott International

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