2024 Participants


Aphy focuses on helping hotels get the best out of their teams, using process automation to eliminate all the repetitive and boring tasks they do on computers, so they can focus on the guests. Repetitive, inane and labor-intensive tasks cost hotels money. Aphy eliminates them and generates positive ROI from day one. Its business model calls for no investment upfront and removes all barriers of entry into advanced automation technologies.


BonApp is a customizable and intuitive point-of-sale and digital menu web-application designed to improve customer service and automate hospitality management tasks.


Crqlar is a B2B SaaS Software suite that enables hotels to deliver a better guest experience by using the treasure of guest data they own for actions during pre-stay marketing to up and cross selling during-stay. At the core of the product is the CRM, where Crqlar creates unique guest profiles for each individual guest by having connectors to the most important software solutions in hospitality. Then we clean and merge the guest data using algorithms and enrich each profile with additional data from other Crqlar modules and through AI predictions based on anonymized guest data across all hotels. We then enable the hotel to actively use the data. For example, a F&B manager is reminded to check whether the right bottle of champagne is in stock and the sommelier is reminded to actively present it to the guest. Or the receptionist is reminded to offer a special discount for a room upgrade on the guest’s arrival, because the guest is celebrating an anniversary. In addition, marketing and sales can use the guest data to build targeted audiences for online marketing campaigns (Facebook, Instagram, Google) and newsletters, leading to higher conversion rates.


Expect Me is a unique room selection and upsell platform. On this platform, guests can book an individual room from an interactive floor plan. For years, Expect Me has been used to selecting our seats on an airplane, at the movies or the theatre. It's time to bring that experience to hotels! Hotels now have a chance to drive incremental revenue not just by upselling higher room categories but also by monetizing room selection for the room category that was initially booked. Additionally, this is a great tool to reward direct bookings and loyal guests. Expect Me empowers guests to personalize their stay by selecting and guaranteeing their individual room, plus a selection of ancillary products and services hotels offer them.


How do hotel operators give each staff member actionable insights on customer needs and preferences, to help plan pre-arrival of the guest, and to know what and how to upsell, how to condition the bedroom and menu options? Rose Hospitality gives the power of \"in-the-moment\"guest intelligence to all staff members on the hospitality team. Their Intelligent Questions are a quick and easy way for each hotel to use their own brand and tone-of-voice, reflecting only the items of personal service they can genuinely deliver at that specific site. It is quick and easy for the guest, too. Their Preference Engine delivers \"Preferences On Demand\" to a variety of PMS, EPOS, Guest and Staff App workflows, including their \"Insight Prompt\" – priming any staff-member to offer a personalized welcome and start a conversation with confidence, as the guest approaches. Apps with their guest intelligence embedded help housekeeping, kitchens and FOH team-members be smarter in hyper-personalizing the guest experience, planning for operational efficiency, reducing wastage and making upsells. Data-As-Service business model(cents per guest per day). Roll-out strategy direct to hotels initially, with channel distribution via preferred integrators with 400,000+ hotels already in their network. Their mission is to propagate customer-centric guest intelligence throughout hospitality.


* Non-competing participant
SoftBank Robotics is a collaborative robot (cobot) integrator for hospitality. Hospitality is facing an employee shortage, employee retention issues, high competition on customer experience and ROI constraints with minimum wages. This can all be solved by entering the 21st century fully and adopting a technology already valid in Asia.