2023 Participants


Aphy is the process automation company for the hospitality industry. Founded by hoteliers, its mission is to simplify the ‘messyverse’ of hotel tech by empowering hotels with automation technology. Repetitive, inane and labor-intensive tasks cost hotels money. Aphy eliminates them and generates positive ROI from day one. Its business model calls for no investment upfront and removes all barriers of entry into advanced automation technologies.

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Buk.Technology offers a Tokenized Distribution Platform for the hospitality industry that provides hotels with control over pricing and distribution, as well as access to a new generation of crypto-savvy travelers who spend heavily on travel, F&B, and ancillaries. Buk.Technology's commitment to innovation is demonstrated by their focus on revolutionizing the industry, generating a new revenue stream through secondary market hotel room resale commissions.

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eTip is bringing new efficiencies to the hospitality sector with an app-less, cashless, and contact-free tipping solution that also enables tip earners to better manage their financial wellness.

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Laasie powers a new kind of loyalty for hotels and resorts by pairing AI with a network of instant gratification partners. No points, no tiers, no waiting for qualification. Laasie uses AI and big data to dynamically create loyalty with personalized, instant rewards that motivate customer actions like booking directly, making a return visit, joining a marketing program, and more. The result? Customers enjoy enriched experiences with each brand interaction and partners benefit with increased net revenue, actionable data insights, strengthened customer relationships, and a scalable loyalty program that increases the lifetime value of every customer.

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2023 Judge's Choice Award Recipient

For hotels who wish to deliver a frictionless experience for their guests, PassiveBolt’s KeyShare platform offers automated guest interaction workflows such as identity verification, remote check-in, key issuance, service requests, and more. Unlike existing disparate systems that are expensive, vulnerable to cybersecurity attacks, and subject to stringent new privacy laws, KeyShare is based on decentralized identity which removes the risk of cyber breaches and legal jeopardy while saving costs through operational efficiency.

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2023 People's Choice Award Recipient

PricingService.ai – the world’s first and most advanced Revenue Management Service — aka an AI-based hotel room pricing service.

We have two service offerings:

For hotel owners and operators with no Revenue Manager and no existing investment in a Revenue Management System, our Fully Autonomous Pricing Service will connect to your PMS every four hours and update pricing for all room types for the next 365 days — no human intervention required.

For hotel owners and operators with a Revenue Manager and potentially an existing investment in a Revenue Management System, the Second Opinion Pricing Service will connect to a PMS in the middle of the night and email a detailed report highlighting opportunities to increase or decrease room pricing for the coming 90 days in order to maximize revenue potential.

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WrkSpot is the first and only cloud-based software platform to combine workforce management, hotel operations, labor compliance and safety into a single software platform.

WrkSpot can standardize workflows and tasks across a portfolio of hotels. Increasing operational and labor productivity and visibility, arming companies with tools and data to increase their profitability.

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