Stayntouch Partners With Woby To Empower Hotels With Seamless In-Stay Dining

By integrating Stayntouch PMS with Woby, hotels can deliver a completely seamless mobile-first dining experience to guests, while synchronizing data from the PMS, POS, and accounting software in real-time.

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Stayntouch Partners With Woby To Empower Hotels With Seamless In-Stay Dining — Photo by Stayntouch

BETHESDA, Md.Stayntouch, a global leader in cloud hotel property management systems (PMS) and guest-centric technology, announced a new partnership with Woby, a self-order and pay web app that simultaneously connects with existing POS and PMS platforms. Stayntouch now integrates with Woby’s customizable web app, allowing for real-time POS and PMS synchronization.

With Stayntouch PMS, hotels can streamline operations, automate tasks, and provide a seamless digital guest welcome experience with mobile check-in. Woby complements this by offering a self-order and pay platform that seamlessly connects with both the hotel PMS and POS, streamlining the in-stay dining experience from ordering to payments to room service and delivery. By connecting Stayntouch PMS with Woby, hotels will benefit from:

Ruud Hontelé, the managing partner of Woby, said: Woby stands out as the pioneering self-order and pay app that seamlessly integrates Stayntouch with your POS system. Say goodbye to the hassles and pain points associated with digital menus, ordering, payments and logistics processes. Enhance the guest experience significantly while also reducing costs for your business.

Priya Rajamani, the vice president of implementation and support for Stayntouch, said: We are excited to partner with Woby, a platform that empowers hotels to provide guests with a completely mobile-first dining experience. By seamlessly integrating our cloud PMS with Woby's self-ordering and payment platform, hotels can deliver a more personalized and fully mobile guest check-in and dining experience, enhancing the on-property experience. This collaboration ensures real-time synchronization, enhanced operational efficiency and elevated guest satisfaction.

About Stayntouch

Stayntouch delivers a fully mobile guest-centric hotel property management system (PMS) with a comprehensive library of over 1,100 best-in-class integrations. Our cloud-native PMS empowers hotels to drive revenue, reduce costs, enhance service, and captivate their guests. Stayntouch’s newly expanded PMS platform, Stayntouch 2.0, further simplifies hotel operations, allowing hotels to streamline and accelerate direct bookings, process payments easily, and simplify integrations - offering an even more enhanced guest experience. Stayntouch is supported by a team of professionals with deep roots in the hospitality industry and is a trusted partner to industry-leading management companies including Sage Hospitality, HEI Hotels & Resorts, EOS Hospitality, and Stoney Creek Hotels, innovative independent brands such as Village Hotels, Pod Hotels, and First Hotels, and iconic independent properties such as the TWA Hotel and Zoku Amsterdam. For more information, visit

About Woby

In partnership with its incubator partner Omniboost, Woby provides completely integrated self-ordering and guest journey solutions tailored expressly for the hospitality industry.

Woby presents a wide array of customized solutions for hospitality enterprises, comprising a mobile ordering application paired with enhancements for enhancing guest experiences. These solutions are internally crafted by a team of specialists representing diverse domains.

Omniboost is a recognized leader in data integration, automation, and management solutions within the hospitality and restaurant industries. For further details, please visit

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