Celebrating Innovation: Highlights from Mews Unfold 2024 in Amsterdam

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Unfold 2024 — Photo by Hospitality Net

Last week, we had the pleasure of attending Mews Unfold 2024 in Amsterdam as Mews' official media partner. This annual hospitality tech forum, hosted by Mews, brought together hundreds of the industry's most inspiring innovators, visionaries, and thinkers at the Muziekgebouw.

The fifth edition of Mews Unfold was a remarkable event, showcasing the latest advancements and ideas in the hospitality industry. One of the highlights was the announcement of the Unfold Awards winners, celebrating outstanding achievements within the Mews community.

The Unfold Awards recognize the incredible contributions of hoteliers who are driving the industry forward. Brands and properties had the opportunity to nominate themselves, and the entries were reviewed by an esteemed panel of judges from the Mews leadership team.

Here are the award categories and winners:

We had the opportunity to interview the award winners and capture their reactions. Mews' CEO Matthijs Welle conducted these insightful interviews, which you can watch in the videos below.

Most Innovative Guest Experience - Superbude

Remarkable guest experiences don’t just happen – they require the hard work and innovation of forward-thinking hoteliers and industry-leading technology. That’s where you come in.

This award recognizes those setting a new standard of guest experiences, consistently going above expectations. So, tell us how you and your team are crafting memorable stays. For a change, we’re not just looking for data: share your stories about how guests get an experience like no other, from personalized services to unique offerings.

Most Innovative Staff Experience - Edgar Suites

Does your team love turning up to work every day? This award is for those who are redefining what it means to be a hotelier, moving away from button-pushing processes to a fully engaged workforce.

Tell us how your innovative approach to staffing and operations fosters a motivated team. We’re looking for creative thinking that empowers people to provide remarkable hospitality, all of which likely leads to higher staff satisfaction scores, boosted efficiency and lower staff turnover.

The Trailblazer Award - Strawberry

This one’s for the pace setters. We’re looking for new-to-Mews properties that have truly embraced the benefits of a cloud-native hospitality, adapting in rapid time to new systems and processes.

Tell us about the exceptional speed of your rollout, innovative training approaches and swift product adoption. Whether through Mews University, partner technology or custom training programs, showcase how your team is setting a new standard for hospitality transformation.

Tech Team of the Year - Bob W.

Behind every great hotelier is technology that empowers them. Scoping, implementing and using this technology is the role of product, IT and system specialists, and this award is for those teams doing exceptional work.

We want to know if your team plays a vital role in shaping the industry with groundbreaking tech, driving business success and inspiring others. This could cover guest experiences, optimizing operations or driving revenue – anything that helps you stay ahead in the fast-changing hospitality landscape.

Mews Community Champion - Mick Vazquez, YHA

Alongside our main categories, we have the special honor of recognizing an individual who has truly shaped the Mews Community. There may be some of you who don’t know what Mews Community is, so let me explain briefly. Mews Community is an interactive online forum for hospitality professionals seeking solutions, answers, and unique perspectives. It’s a vibrant space where Mews customers

can connect, learn from each other, embrace best practices and emerging trends, and foster meaningful relationships.

And there’s one person who’s contributed to this community more than anyone: Mick Vazques from YHA. From the very beginning, Mick embraced the Mews Community with enthusiasm and passion. He understood the value of collaboration and wasted no time in becoming an active participant, enriching discussions and fostering a culture of learning and growth.

About Mews Unfold

Unfold is an annual hospitality tech forum hosted by Mews. The fifth edition will bring together hundreds of the industry's most inspiring innovators, visionaries and thinkers to the Muziekgebouw in Amsterdam. Information Technology Awards and Accolades Lodging Industry

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